Vote YES On November 8th!

Vote YES on November 8th!

Reinvesting In Our Schools

As we continue to witness the growth of our county it has become critical that we accommodate for this ongoing growth by reinvesting in our educational facilities- not only by building new schools but upgrading existing ones. The Wake County School Bond will…


  • Help fund the construction of one new high school, as well as 3 new elementary schools

  • Fund much needed air conditioning and heating replacement units 

  • Help upgrade school safety and security measures- giving schools the resources they need to keep our students safe

  • Increase student and teacher access to national resources, technology and support materials

“Many of our schools are past their intended lifespan and in desperate need of renovations. These bonds will give our county government the funds we need to make these renovations.”

Chris Heagarty

Vice Chair of the Wake County Board of Education

Voting YES on November 8th

is a vote to give the students, families and teachers of our county the improvements they need and deserve.

As Wake County continues to grow and attract both new employees and families,

it is critical that we invest in the quality of our schools - to ensure all students and teachers have continued access to comfortable and safe learning environments.

Better Learning Environments

With aging buildings and overcrowding, there is no doubt we must improve our facilities in order to maintain our schools, and provide students with a better, safer and more comfortable education.

The Wake County School Bond will help improve classrooms by…

  • Decreasing classroom sizes and reducing overcrowding, giving students more individual instruction
  • Providing better resources to teachers, students and parents
  • Helping to eliminate the use of trailer units as extended classrooms, bringing students back into their buildings
  • Increasing student access to modern technology and learning tools

The Smart Way to Pay

A strong school system is essential to our well-being as individuals and a community. Wake County is one of a handful of counties in the nation that maintains a AAA bond rating which allows for the lowest-cost financing available. A general bond is the least costly and most fair way to pay for the upgrades our school system needs, and the longer we wait, the more expensive it’s going to get.

Utilizing the median value of a home in Wake County, the anticipated tax impact would be only around $21 per year for the average homeowner to pay for the bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

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