Vote YES On November 8th!

Vote YES on November 8th!

Better Learning Environments are Central to the Wake School bond

Every day, we witness the growth of our county. We must accommodate for this ongoing growth by reinvesting in our educational facilities, constructing new schools and upgrading existing ones.
Voting YES for the Wake County School Bond is essential for getting us there.
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Investing in the future of education


Wake County has upheld a reputation as one of our nation’s best places to live, work and raise a family- largely because of its strong school system. One of the largest school systems in the country, Wake County Public Schools stands out due to the collective effort of parents, teachers, local officials, students and community members who are propelling it towards the future. It is critical to continue investing in schools to allow for needed upgrades that will keep schools safe and ready for future generations of students, by voting YES for schools on November 8th. 

How the bond will impact your community


A strong public education system is essential to our well-being, individually and as a county. With aging buildings and a growing population- it is critical we improve our facilities in order to maintain our schools and provide a quality education. 

This year’s $530.7 million bond will…

  • Allow the construction of 1 new high school and 3 new elementary schools
  • Fund much needed air conditioning and heating replacements
  • Help fund safety and security upgrades across the county- keeping students safe
  • Increase student and teacher access to national resources, technology and support materials

Let’s do the right thing by investing in the future of education in Wake County, and vote YES on November 8th.

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Vote YES for the wake county school bond
on november 8th